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As someone active in the performance dog world, I can relate to breeders, owners, and dog organizations needing creative graphic design. Good design will always make a positive first impression.

I create personalized logos, websites, and ads for dog trainers, breeders, and organizations to help them market themselves better. Take a look at the examples below.

Reach out to me if you’re interested in discussing what I can do for you.

I designed this illustration for the owner of Marking Our Territory, a popular blog, YouTube channel, and Instagram page documenting the antics of the owner’s Rhodesian ridgebacks. It shows a trotting ridgeback formed out of the constellation Canis Major.

Announcements & Ads

Kennel or Organization Logos

Litter Announcements

Stud Dog Advertisements

Dog Trainer or Kennel Websites


All of the design I create is custom. For example, if you want an image of your pointer in a logo, I will make a logo from a photo of your dog – not just a generic pointer. I have a conversation with every client before we start to find out what you’re looking for, as well as your design preferences (preferred colors, likes/dislikes, etc). This ensures that I get a good idea of your style. While you can buy a logo or website from an overseas designer on Fiverr for very cheap, chances are it will not be tailored to your needs. If that’s your preference, I understand, but I am not the designer for you. With over a dozen years of experience as a designer and several more in the performance dog world, I bring the best of both worlds to custom dog-themed design.

For edit rounds, you can give me as many edits as you like, as long as they are conveyed to me at one time. These prices are just a starting point. Please email me to discuss the specifics of what you want!

Logo Design

starting at $750

  • Custom logo design
  • Four initial concepts, three edit rounds
  • Final price depends on the design you’re looking for – more complicated designs may cost more
  • Final files in AI, EPS, PNG, and JPEG formats
  • A white or “reversed” version will also be created if the design allows it

Ad/Announcement Design

starting at $300

  • Custom design
  • One initial concept, two edit rounds
  • High-quality photos must be provided by client. I can take photos if you are local for an additional fee.
  • Sized for social media or print distribution
  • Final files in PDF and JPG format

Website Design

starting at $3,000

  • Custom responsive design
  • Five pages
  • One initial design of all pages, two design edit rounds, two post-development edit rounds
  • Set up on WordPress platform, content editable by client
  • Photos must be provided by client or stock photos can be used for an additional fee
  • More functionality and pages will incur more costs – please contact me to discuss exactly what you’re looking for